Do you need more leads?

As a Financial Advisor or CFP you need to be bringing in a constant stream of customers. And with COVID19 making networking harder and new laws making unsolicited calls illegal, you are probably wondering where and how to grow your business?

At Once A Week (A Division of BRBD Pty Ltd), we have the solution! With our base at Once a Week Blog and our experience in lead generation, we can pass on leads to you of people interested in getting financial advisors!

How do we get these leads?

Through ads on our Once a Week Blog site and Ads on Facebook and Google, we can bring people to pages like this that allow us to capture lead details. We cannot give recommendations or contact the client as per the Financial Intermediary act but we can take their details and pass those on to a registered advisor.

How much will this cost?

We have done all we can to reduce the costs while producing high quality leads. And have come to a price of R70 per lead passed on.

You will get the leads name, email and phone number all of which are verified. And it is up to you to follow up with them.

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